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V-Guard Water Pumps

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From V-Guard Industries Private Limited
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Approximate Price INR 6000.00
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Report Effective Date May 01, 2016
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V-Guard pumps are made according to ISI standards and specifications using high-quality components, and meet high performance standards. They are known for their sturdiness, durability and dependability. The superior technology used in their construction ensures better efficiency and lower running costs. V-Guard offers more than 150 different models with capacities ranging from 0.25 HP to 25 HP, and are ideal for domestic as well as for agricultural purposes. V-Guard offers Self Prime & Mini Monobloc pumps, Centrifugal pumps, Openwell Submersible pumps, Jet pumps, Compressor pumps, Motors, Single phase borewell submersible pumps, 3 Phase Borewell Submersible pumps, 3 Phase Centrifugal Monobloc pumps, and 3 Phase Openwell Submersible pumps
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V-Guard Water PumpsProduct is Worst
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Water Pumps  by V-Guard Industries Pri...
Complaint 4 Years ago by ArunKum...CSL 4.54
We purchased V-Guard Open well submersible pump set Sl.No WKAJ19108 Type: VOSFH110 on 14-Feb-2011. The motor is under warranty period. We have only one motor in the apartment. This motor stopped working 2 weeks back (last week of October 2011) and we gave it for repair at the V-Guard service center, the address is mentioned below: RAP Enterprises, 75/63 5th Cross, Domlur B-71 (opposite chokkomatna swamy temple), Ph: 08065470223, 08065470224. The job ID is 141. The people at the service center kept delaying the repair work and its now more than two weeks that we haven’t received the repaired motor. Initially they said that it will be repaired within 24 hours. Without the motor all the 11 families in the apartment are facing lot of troubles and we are arranging motor from somewhere else. I want them to compensate us bearing the cost of extra motor for which we are paying for and also immediately deliver the repaired motor.
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V-Guard Water PumpsProduct is Excellent
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Water Pumps  by V-Guard Industries Pri...
Rated 9.43 6 Years ago by AnonymousCSL 4.54
Its just what they say .. the name you can trust..i am using this for past 3 and half years and never have i had any problem with this teh performance is just amazing. and teh consumption of electricity is very less compared to other motor pumps. very reliable ..
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