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Richfeel Personal Care Products

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From Rich Feel Health and Beauty Private Limited
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Approximate Price INR 100.00
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Report Effective Date Aug 24, 2016
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Rich Feel Health and Beauty Private Limited was established at Mumbai, Maharashtra with the aim of providing holistic solutions for hair, beauty and body care needs. It has introduced its products with the brand name of Richfeel. It gives the best of homeopathy and natural therapies, in a perfect blend of beauty techniques and a mix of products to give the ultimate beauty. Under skin care, they offer cucumber face wash, citrus vulgaris scrub, prunus persica peel-off mask, sepia day sunscreen, witch Hazel night cream, calendula mud pack, tulsi massage cream, etc. For hair care, they produce hair tonic and vitalizer, green apple shampoo, jaborandi premium white scalp cleanser, ceanothus hair mask, brahmi hair pack etc
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Richfeel Personal Care ProductsProduct is Excellent
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Personal Care Products  by Rich Feel Health and B...
Rated 9.14 6 Years ago by AnonymousCSL 5.04
I am using their Hair Pack and it is just amazing. It makes my hair feel like silk, fuller and better. Being in the modelling industry my hair undergo a lot of chemical treatments but at the end of the day I remember I have the nournisher to my hair the Richfeel Hair pack. I dont know how its suppose to work but it sure does wonders. A must try for all.
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