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Philips Toasters

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From Philips Electronics India Limited
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Approximate Price INR 1500.00
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Report Effective Date Aug 29, 2016
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Philips introduces a 2-slice toaster with electronic timer, cancel button and hinged crumb tray. This toaster has an electronic timer and seven settings, providing consistent blowing at just the level you prefer. The polypropylene hand grips are cool to touch and provides easy handling of the toaster. The cancel button is used to stop the toasting at any time for convenience and safety. The models available under toasters are HD4495/25, HD4493/08 and HD2566/79
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Philips ToastersProduct is Worst
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Toasters  by Philips Electronics In...
Complaint 4 Years ago by fbuser6...CSL 4.54
I had bought a Philips Toaster (Model number - hd4823/01) from Big Bazaar, near Vapi, Gujarat, India on 30 May 2012 (receipt number- 0055478). Today, its 01 June 2012 - in just 2 days it not working and I had the service person (got the service person contact details online from PHILIPS site. But they are not responding well and Like in just 2 days I had bought PHILIPS TOASTER. I am having original Bills and all but... still not getting any help. I have got the Service provider contact details from the company site call them but they are not ready to give service not responding good. I want them to come and repair the defect free of charges
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Philips ToastersProduct is Excellent
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Toasters  by Philips Electronics In...
Rated 9.00 6 Years ago by AnonymousCSL 4.54
My old toaster never toasted the bread to the right consistency... It was either tooo soggy or totally burnt!! But the toaster from philips has the option where i can choose the heat limit..The consistency is perfect to apply the butter or jam..and there is also no chance to get my toast burnt .. Plus it is so much more easier to clan it as the crumbs fall on the plate which is present at the bottons of the toaster and the plate can be easily removes from the side... Plus this toaster has an option to heat bun as well, i can easily get my kids to eat breakfast as they rush to school. As my kids dont eat anything other than bread for breakfast this small little invention has made my mornings stress-free!!
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