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ICFAI offers certificate programmes in Financial Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Markets, International Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial Institutions, Financial Services, Equity Valuation, Derivative Valuation, Debt Valuation, Security Analysis, Financial Planning, Commercial Banking, International Banking, Central Banking, Bank Marketing, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Insurance Underwriting , Insurance Operations, Insurance Marketing , Insurance Investments, Reinsurance, Business Law, Indirect and Direct Taxation, Business Strategy, Business Research Methods, Management Control Systems, Business Economics, Business Communication, Business Ethics, Sales and Distribution, Services Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Marketing Communications, Consumer Behavior, International Business, Global Business Environment, Organizational Behavior, Managerial Effectiveness, and Management like Operations, Financial Risk, Investment, Credit, Accounting, and Claims
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Complaint 4 Years ago by SWARAJCSL 4.50
I am a student of ICFAI university enrollment no:- 6010020905372. Name: - Mr.Snehal Kulkarni. I have taken admission for MBA in ICFAI University in 2010. There are several issues and again issues are increasing, this is a fake university and the director has made this university to make money only. After the admissions they don’t bother about anything. I have mentioned all the incidents which I ignored earlier and due to height of all I am registering complaint so that I can get my money back and more people will not join his university. Many things but due to this 4000 character limit not able to edit I will send through mail. While making a payment for exam registration they asked us to do payment before the selection of date, time and location, and earlier when we were making payments it was asking for selection of location before making payment. If they could have given this option earlier then surely students couldn’t have made the payments and could have called to concern coordinator team which is useless. To avoid this and to fill their pockets first they took payment from the students at start only. Now we are in confusion as payment is already done and we do not have an option other than selecting exam center and if we do not do so then the money will be grasped by the university. Moreover, even after knowing students number appearing from Pune they have given option of only one exam center, I am sure that they are planning to close down this and want all students to keep quite so that they will be in a profit. University’s service centers are of no use, they can’t help in any way. The earlier issues are while taking admission I was assured that I will get magazine every month without any charge at home address and that’s why university charges us more, as I took the admission it was stopped by the university, No explanation provided no objection handling. The books will be delivered to your home, I have requested for the change of address many times through website but it was not changed. When I called up the respective center they said you have to give a request through site only. From Pune there would be around 2000 people appearing for the exam and they have only one exam center with capacity of 50 to 75 students at a time! Can they do this? Timings are like not m for exam seems I am going to watch a movie! No communication to the students no confirmation from the students about their comfort. I have only one request I want my all money back with interest paid on loan 10000/- cash, 58000/- loan with 12% interest, Exam fees. I do not want more than this. I will take admission in different university for my MBA. I feel so bad because I have wasted my 2 yrs for running behind this people. It’s my hard earned money my salary was 8000/- and I was paying emi of 3800/- I was so glad that I will complete MBA and look forward for new opportunities but now I don’t have any hope from this university. I request government of India to take strict action against this university people director and all involved people. And If possible stop new admissions so that people like me will not get affected. After this long period I just want my money back.
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